Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Wine Chronicles: A Pair of Reds

For the last of our cool weather, we've been pulling out some of our cheap and yummy red wines! I picked both of these up at our local Sam's Club!

Seven Sisters Pinotage/Shiraz was a fabulous wine from South Africa.... I loved it! And then there was the always-enjoyed Cupcake wine. This time I tried their Malbec, which Mr. Jones enjoys! 

Both were great, and under $8. That's a hard combination to beat, you know?

So, for this edition of the Wine Chronicles, nothing earth shattering, but just a little more wine and a little more fun! What have ya'll been enjoying? I'm ready to pull out some of the delicious white wines I've been accumulating lately!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Very nice - I've recently discovered that I LOVE malbec. Other reds make me itch, which is sad. I think it's because of the sulfites. :-/

  2. oh my!! I have to get the seven sisters just for the bottle!! Thank you for sharing! I love trying new wine!