Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Primal Update #1

So I'm two and a half weeks into the "Primal Blueprint" that we've been trying to follow. So far, so good. We've had our moments where we've wound up eating pasta during a dinner at a friend's house, and we've had a meal where we had planned to eat what we wanted (cheeseburger for me!!!), so we certainly don't feel deprived.

I find that I get into trouble when I don't plan ahead, and I'm trying to vary things up so we don't get bored.

The key is that we are eating lots of lean meats and even more veggies and fruit! Basically, if God didn't make it, we're trying to stay away from it. That's the short version of eating "primal" which is very similar to eating "paleo".

Here are some pics of my favorite meals so far...

Spaghetti squash 
with tomato sauce, some cheese, tomatoes, and green onions:

Burrito bowls
 with shredded lettuce, meat, onions, olives, salsa and a lil sour cream

So far, I've lost 7 lbs. I'm ready to keep going, and as we get used to this, I'm trying to get even more with the primal way of eating. I want to do more organic meat, more homemade sauce (I did use up some canned stuff we had) and to just plan better...

I'll be back to share more on this, but I didn't want to let much more time go by without an update! I just need recipe ideas and encouragement, ladies!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Proud of you!! I've been eating lots of whole foods too and I agree...it's amazing how much better it makes you feel.