Monday, January 30, 2012

The Wine Chronicles: Chandon Extra Dry Riche

When we ordered our anniversary case of wine, we planned for New Years Eve accordingly!

We tasted this Chandon Extra Dry Riche during the holiday wine tasting, and loved it. It was a great price, around $20, and we really enjoyed it! It was delicious for New Years Eve, and I was glad we had ordered it!

It's a California sparking wine, and it was one Mr. Jones and I could both agree on. At the tasting, back in November, we went to sample one of the expensive Moet and Chandon varieties, and it was all gone for the night, so we tasted this instead. I was so glad we did!

What is your favorite sparkling wine?

(And, side note, would anyone be interested in making Wine Chronicles a link-up? I've thought about it before, and we could pick some days in advance. Just wanted to see if anyone was interested so we could all find some great wines!)

Mrs. Jones

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