Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Picture Perfect Night...

It was a beautiful Monday night... The ride and walk into the Superdome was a stunning one as they sky darkened. The excitement and tension was everywhere, emotions were high, and hopes were up.

We had a wonderful time at the official pre-game party, which I was beyond impressed with! There was face painting for all, team-themed King Cakes, bands, cheerleaders, food and free drinks! It doesn't get much better than that now, does it?

After the party, we made our way to our seats with about 20 minutes to spare. The pre-game show was great, and we were bouncing off the walls with anticipation. I'm so grateful that we got to be there. For the 2009 championship, we celebrated our one year anniversary a few weeks late with a trip to Pasadena, and it felt a little bit like deja vu (minus the plane flight) in New Orleans. We are lucky, lucky, lucky.

My sister loved this poster, and I had to snap this picture! She's a beautiful girl and we were so excited she got to make the trip with us. It's the first time we had really travelled together as adults!

The game.... oh, I don't know that there are even words. It was beautiful. It was fun. The entire game felt like a celebration. Our team, our city and our state have been to hell and back since April 27, and the joy we felt as the clock ran down? It was a sight to behold. I'm proud to be a Bama girl!

We had to force ourselves to head out to Bourbon Street for at least one drink afterwards! We were tired, hot and sleepy, but it was worth it! There were hardly any LSU fans to be found as the Crimson Tide took over Bourbon Street!

That's all for our championship trip to New Orleans! 
Hope you've enjoyed tagging along....

Mrs. Jones


  1. Love all the pictures! And that looks like a fun pre-party and an amazing game. Roll Tide!

  2. Love these pictures...especially the one of you and your man at the end of the game. ROLL TIDE!!

  3. Awesome. I would love to go to New Orleans someday. The football game looks awesome.

  4. I am still jealous that you got to go! RTR!