Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Film Fiesta...

It's that lovely and fairly lazy time of year, where the Redbox and couch are our very good friends... Mr. Jones and I have rented quite a few movies lately, mostly good. Some great. Some mehhhh.

Here's what we've been watching since Christmas!

Margin Call was wonderful! I also enjoyed Larry Crowne. Midnight in Paris was okay - kind of odd, though. And 30 minutes or Less? Massive failure. Skip. Save your money. Even if it is less than $1.50.

This weekend we also rented Moneyball, and I loved it! I'm a sports girl, so I guess that helps, but it really did have a good story. The ending could have been strong,r but such is life.

What are you guys watching and loving? Let me know! I'm sure there are a few more lazy weekends in our future!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Oh I LOVED Moneyball - what a fabulous movie! I haven't done a whole lot of movie watching lately and I need to get going on those Oscar nominations.

  2. I'm glad I caught this! J has been wanting to see 30 Minutes or Less...glad it's not even worth Redbox! Midnight in Paris looked interesting to me b/c I love it there and would only watch to see scenery. We've been looking at Moneyball, guess I'll try that out next! We haven't seen too many movies lately, nothing seems to catch my eye.