Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A very Eve Christmas...

Good morning everyone! It's Eve Belle here. I stole Mom's computer and camera so I could show off some of my Christmas pictures! Mom took way too many pictures of me, but I got some presents, so that was okay.

I like presents. I usually only have one or two toys out, but I have a new bed and SIX toys laying out this week. I know that's a lot of fun. Mom keeps following me around with the camera though. She thinks it's funny that I play catch with myself, but whatever.

My Dad was a lot of fun too. He is so good about playing with me. I like to try to lick him to death though. Mom laughs a lot when I do that, so then I do it even more.

Do you have puppies? What did they get for Christmas? I'm sure Mom has more pictures, but that's all for now. I need to go destroy my snowman.


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  1. Woofy nice, EB!!! We'll hijack mom's computer and tell you about our Santa Paws goodies at the end of the week. - Beckett & Meadow