Friday, December 23, 2011

Cruising to Christmas: Part 4

Ah, this time last week we were wrapping up our final day on the cruise ship! I miss it, but I'm so very glad to be home for the holidays!

I started Friday morning at the Carnival Spa!!!

Then I hit up the omelette bar - one of my favorite foods on the ship by the way!

I also fell in love with grapefruit on this ship. I loved it!

Then Ash and I curled up on the Serenity patio and enjoyed the view and the sun for most of the day!

We also enjoyed a few little umbrella drinks, as cruisers love to do...

There also may have been some, um, glamour shots involved....

Oh yes, we did.

I'm ready for another cruise and I've only been home for a week. That doesn't bode well, but thanks for recapping my trip with me! I'm always grateful for time at home after a little fun, aren't you?

XOXO and Merry Christmas,
Mrs. Jones


  1. I love your glamour shots!!! Those are so much fun.

  2. You two look gorgeous!!! Love the glamour shots! And, oh so jealous of your spa morning. :-)

  3. Beautiful Glamour Shots! I have always wanted to do that. You have just inspired me to really look into it.