Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Total Maxxinista...

A couple of weeks ago, I totally scored at TJ Maxx. I had blogged earlier about my two favorite perfumes, both by Vera Wang, and a sweet friend sent me some Vera Wang Princess. I couldn't find Vera Wang Bouquet anywhere, and it is special to me. A bridesmaid gave it to me at my bridal shower and I wore it at wedding events and my wedding - and constantly after that!

Imagine my sheer joy when I found the $85 of Bouquet for just $40 at TJ Maxx on a random stop. I flipped. I bought it. Better yet, I had a gift card from my sweet mother-in-law that covered the ENTIRE purchase. Score.

Happy day. I'm LOVING having it again. It makes me smile each morning when I get ready and spritz it on!

Mrs. Jones


  1. I heart TJ Maxx! You can always find something cool for a much better price! I've never smelled VW perfume, but glad you found it, and a great price too!! I now think I need to hit up my TJ's and see what's new this week!

  2. Awesome!!!!! I love TJ Maxx. Fave store ever.

  3. There's something so wonderful about a scent that can take you back to a happy time, such as a wedding. I'm still looking for that perfect scent that both husband and I enjoy me wearing.