Thursday, November 17, 2011

The green I dream for you...

Haha. Forgive this gratuitous puppy picture of a post. But EB liked our new recycling bin when we got it, and I snapped this picture. It makes me laugh.

I did actually want to discuss recycling as well. :-) After the tornado hit, recycling got a little harder. But things are picking up, our recycling center is open again, AND my office has started accepting both magazines and newspapers for recycling. So I take my reading material to work and recycle it all in one step! Love that...

I've tried to get a lot more consistent with my recycling this fall, and it's been great. I feel better knowing I'm doing it too. I go through so much paper, and hated throwing stuff away.

What do you recycle? What's your favorite "green" effort?

Mrs. Jones


  1. I love that our apartment complex has "valet" trash service - we put it out on the front porch two days a week and they also pick up recycling! That has made it SO easy. I just dump most of my trash which ends up being recyclable into that can next to my trash and put it out when it's time. It is so nice!

  2. Our recycling comes every other week on the same day as trash day. The town provides us all with HUGE (as in, about 5 times the cute little bin you have) recycling bins. I recycle just about everything. Cans, newspapers, the cardboard boxes my granola bars come in, milk jugs, take out food containers...

  3. I am kind of a recycling nut! I recycle literally every little thing I can from obvious stuff like glass bottles and magazines to little paper price tags that come on clothing. We always end up having way more recycling than trash!

    If there is an option I try to buy recycled paper products (unless they are really awful quality) and biodegradable plastic.

  4. We recycle at home & it makes me feel so good! I feel like in some small way, I'm doing my part! I wish we would recycle at work!