Monday, October 31, 2011

The Wine Chronicles: Irony Chardonnay

Confession: I hate chardonnay.

So, why am I including a bottle in "The Wine Chronicles"? Yeah, I know. Apparently I don't hate this one, but the variety is still not my favorite.

However, when your mom hands you a decent bottle of wine to take home with you, you don't say no. So I took it, and chilled it, and when my last bottle was gone, I made myself try it.

I was a little surprised. It was decent. Maybe because it's a little better than what I usually by, maybe not. But this girl is drinking a bottle of chardonnay this week.

Just thought that was worth mentioning.

Mrs. Jones


  1. I'm not a big chardonnay fan either. It must be pretty darn good if you're drinking it!

  2. I'm so proud of your adventurousness, mydear.

  3. Ick. Chardonnay and I just don't get along. Too bad it's the standard house wine for events. I try not to serve it when given the option!

  4. What is it about Chardonnay you don't like? The oakiness? As a strictly white wine drinker (stupid migraines) I drink a lot of Chards and much prefer the unoaked versions. Perhaps you would like those...