Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just another home away from home...

I hit the road last Thursday evening and headed up to North Alabama to catch a wonderful night and day with my sweet grandparents. It broke up the trip to Nashville and let me spend some time with family and celebrate my grandfather's birthday. You couldn't ask for anything more! There were even Grandma's better-than-Chick-Fil-A homemade chicken nuggets. 

Yeah, nothing beats that. They waited on me to eat dinner and we had a blast! The next morning, we celebrated a birthday and did a little shopping! Perfect fun!

Saying goodbye was not as much fun, but it was a fabulous little trip and we got our traditional courtyard pictures before I left! It's nice to know I'll see them both again soon!

More on Nashville and the rest of the fabulous weekend soon. I've got some serious catching up to do! It's been six days with no posting! (And it's not for lack of material, that's for sure!)

Mrs. Jones


  1. Your grandparents are so cute! What's grandma sewing?!

  2. I love that you got pictures with both of your grandparents like that. When I was looking through my pictures the other day for a post, I realized I didn't have enough of those.

  3. How funny is it that my grandmother has the exact same china? Must have been the Fiesta setting of their time :)