Sunday, October 9, 2011

Do you Yolo?

Our Saturday in Nashville ended with a fabulous dinner at Yolo's. Mrs. Smith, Katie, Jess and Sarah met up, but sadly we didn't think to take any pictures of us! I did think about my food though. Strange, I know!

It was such a fun dinner, and I enjoyed experimenting with my order a bit! To start off with, there was a delicious torched lemonade!

And then I even ordered some soup as an appetizer. Delicious seafood bisque. It was heavenly!

For my main course, I tried their Grecian Chicken dish. I'd never had anything like it, and the sauce, cheese and mashed potatoes underneath just accented the delicious chicken!

All in all, it was a great dinner! Thanks for meeting up to the lovely blogger crew!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Don't you all want to make a road trip up here?! Pretty please?

  2. At least you came away with some pictures! I always end up with a picture of my drinks for some reason.