Monday, October 17, 2011

The chair dilemma... SOLVED

So, I've had this post waiting to share chair ideas and get feedback for almost a month. Is that sad? I kept waiting to take a picture of my constantly covered kitchen table to go with it and show you what I was trying to match chairs to. So, I looked up all these...

And then, while helping a friend look through Kirkland's one day after work, I found them. My perfect chairs. On clearance, for $50 each. Can you say score?! So, now, I don't need help picking out expensive chairs, because I found some even cheaper. And they are the closest to the expensive ones I liked. WOOHOO. Okay, I'm rambling. But now, meet my new kitchen chairs!

I love them! Husband does too, and finally, one of the big "house" things is complete!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Those chairs are great! I love crossing off things like that, and for cheaper too. That's the best!

  2. Nice chairs!!! I need to buy a dining room set...and the one I want just won't go on sale.

  3. I like those! I need some nice chairs for our formal dining room and I cannot find any I like enough to justify the cost just yet. But, now that we have this tall table in the kitchen I find we use our dining room more so I should prioritize that...