Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Wine Chronicles: Secco Italian Bubbles

I have gotten to try so many sparkling wines lately that it is kind of funny... A friend brought me a bottle of Secco Italian Bubbles after a rough day last week. That's the best kind of friend, you know?

Anyways, we curled up on the couch, chatted, and split this lovely treat. I liked it more than Cupcake Prosecco. It was smoother to me, which was nice. I enjoyed it so much I searched around for it online to learn a little more about it... You can read more here.

I learned that there is also a Rose blend, and that "Dessert Bubbles" is coming out this year. I'll be looking for them for sure. This is one of the first wines I've tasted and written about that led me to learn more, which I'm enjoying!

Have you tried this? What's your favorite bubbly?

Mrs. Jones

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  1. I'm not really big into bubbly wines...but I'd definitely like to try this.