Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shop till you drop...

I hit up New York and Company on Saturday afternoon with a friend, and found a few of the new work pieces I needed. I LOVE the ruffled two-in-one sweater. I want it in EVERY color. I'm wear a large in this, just FYI.

Isn't it awesome?

I have a few breast cancer awareness events on my calendar for the year already, and I got this precious tank to go under my favorite grey and black cardigans for work and the events. Love?

I also snagged an elbow-length pinky red cardigan (notice a color theme? because it was so not intentional) and a pair of black canvas wedges. All told, I only spent $60! I was sooooo very excited.

Just had to share! Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. Jones


  1. So cute! I need to do a wardrobe update sometime soon, and I like these pinks you've chosen! :)

  2. Those are gorgeous! I need that first sweater, stat.

  3. So pretty!!! You do such a great job scooping up the deals!

  4. Love what you have gotten. I am just waiting until my boys go back to school next week so I can hit up NY & Co because I got a super great coupon in the mail ($70 off $150 purchase with $10 pants after the purchase of 1 pair at regular)...can't wait!