Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Domestic Goddess Weekend

What a weekend you guys!

I crashed and did nothing at all on Friday night but workout and wash little EB, but I got Saturday off to a great - and hot start - and FINALLY got our front yard in gear. The original landscaping in the front had mulch/bark around all the bushes. I hate bark. I'm a pine straw girl. So I got to work, and Mr. Jones was a dear and helped remove some of the bark and bought pine straw.

It was so funny to me that I wound up doing this, because my parents always had us help with yard work on Saturday mornings, and lay down newspaper when we had weeds pulled, to block the next set from growing. And here I am, a grown-up (kind of!) - and I'm doing the same thing. My dad laughed when I told him.

All in all, it's done, and I'm so sore I can barely move. But I'm proud and it was worth it. Here's the transformation:

I call that a win. I love it. Now if only I can water the grass enough to get the brown spots out. This heat is KILLING me!

Today we skipped church in favor of some sleep, so I decided I would tackle another thing I've had on my list ever since I read a favorite blogger's blog post a while ago. I wanted to bake homemade bread. I had all the stuff. So I set about playing in the kitchen!

I used Lauren's grandmother's recipe that she blogged about here to make the best homemade bread. I made five small loaves of bread and five rolls. Mr. Jones is very excited and we have already eaten one loaf, and given another away.

After the first rise (almost too big for my biggest bowl!)

Braided after first rise

After second rise (pouf!)

The finished products (well, about half of them!)

Yum! I am so proud - and thankful Lauren shared her grandmother's recipe! Really, go check it out. If I can do it, you can too!

So, that is what I'm going to call my domestic goddess weekend. I've still got sheets to wash, another load of laundry, and some vacuuming, but.... it'll get done!

Mrs. Jones


  1. I think I may make bread tomorrow! Ah, the joys of freedom. :-)

  2. Breaking bread from scratch? I am way impressed. It looks yummy!

  3. Ok, first of all, you can't say "I did nothing except work out." Working out is huge! And secondly, I am super impressed by your accomplishments. I've starred this post so I can make that bread soon. The yard looks great too!

  4. YAY! Did you LOVE it!??! We make it all the time around here and I could eat an entire loaf by myself! I hope the instructions were okay and if you have suggestions to help clarify please let me know! Thanks for the shout out hun and I am glad you liked the bread!!! xoxooxox!