Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little changes.... Starbucks

There have been many things to get adjusted too since the tornado hit town. It really damaged Starbucks, across the street from where buildings were totally leveled. One of the things it's nice to see on it's way back is my favorite morning stop....

Odd site, right? Well, never fear, this week a Starbucks mobile unit showed up so they are open, functioning and making us VERY happy again. Ever seen one of these?

I'm grateful for the little things as our sweet city rebuilds. Thanks Starbucks!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Wow. I'm glad they made it back so quickly and I hope they get their building ship shape soon too.

  2. I saw you posting this on Twitter and was so happy that you can get your latte again. Speaking of, I may have to stop by my store this morning. That sounds good! Glad things are getting somewhat back to normal.