Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventures in gardening....

So, Mr. Jones and I thought we were going to be pretty cool and productive and get some plants growing in our backyard this past weekend. Cue laughter. Please.

My grandparents gave us an awesome tomato planter, and we got it allllll set up and pretty to grow Mr. some fab tomato plants this summer. EB got jealous of the time we spent on it apparently. Because this is what we found:

Oh yes, she did. Bad EB. I'm going to be a terrible punisher, because I couldn't stop laughing. Or running to get the camera. Because this? Is priceless.

Can't you just hear her? "But, dadddyyyyy, what did I dooooo????" Hahahaha. Poor tomato plant. He'll get put back together and is hopefully no worse for the wear....

Happy summer and gardening season!

Mrs. Jones


  1. That's awesome! She looks like she had so much fun. Hehe.

  2. Too Funny. She's too cute for words! It's impossible to be mad at her.

  3. That's adorable! How in the world did EB get INTO the planter?!?!

  4. Oh...I am giggling over here. That is too cute!!! Hee hee. ;-)

  5. She thought she was helping! :)

  6. LOL, so cute! I am sure the bath will be punishment enough.