Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Road to Cleveland

To say that our trip up to Cleveland was amazing would be an understatement. We had a blast traveling with friends. We got to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And we got to watch Alabama win the NCAA Gymnastics Championship. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend!

On the road:

Touchdown in Cleveland: 

Walking to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - with coffee of course:

At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: 

That's part one of our trip! It was sooooo much fun. :-) I got time with family, time with friends, and some adventures under my belt!

I'll blog the BEST part of the trip very soon!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Girlie, are you barefoot at the airort?!?!

  2. Excuse the typos. tired...zzzzzz. Obviously, I meant "airport". :-)

  3. That is such a tiny little plane. Yikes!