Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Monday: Greek Chicken Pasta

So, this blog post requires a little bit of explaining. I read all my the blogs I follow in Google Reader, which has this absolutely nifty little thing called "star" as a feature. I star all the recipes I read that I want to try, coupons I want to print and posts I love and want to link to or share.

So.... I've been going back through all my starred "favorites" to print copies of recipes I wanted to try. And that's how I re-stumbled upon what Jennifer at Tales of a Peanut blogged about in (gasp) August 2010. The recipe for it comes from her Mom, and she shared it with all of her readers.

Greek Chicken Pasta was pretty darn fabulous!


(Forgive my pitiful iPhone pictures. It's hard to take good pics of pasta!)

Yeah, it was great. I highly recommend Jennifer's blog for some fabulous recipes!

Mrs. Jones

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