Thursday, February 24, 2011

Too much on my mind....

There is simply too much on my mind right now. It's got my confusing "write" and "right" and forgetting what day it is.

I'm ready for this weekend, when we will disappear in Georgia to spend a couple of days with my wonderful in-laws. I am taking a swimsuit, PJs, workout clothes, and books. I plan on relaxing. And snuggling my sweet puppy as we stare out over the golf course.

I've met some huge deadlines at work. Things should slow down if only for a few days.

I can't stop looking at spring clothes. Or bargain-hunting. So many blog posts on that coming soon. I hope I don't bore you with all of it, but I'm kind of obsessed right now.

I want to cook. I need to do some cooking. Desperately. I want to try to make stuffed peppers soon, because it just looks so very yummy. And healthy.

I can't stop thinking of random thoughts I want to get out of my head, so I just keep writing. This is my blog, right?

I'm so thankful for my dear blog friends. They get me, so to speak. I can't wait for Chattanooga in just.... let's count....9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get ready girls. :-) I've missed all of you!

Okay, I think that's it. Now back to productivity. Maybe?

Mrs. Jones


  1. I hope you get to feeling better now that you've cleared your mind!

  2. I thought of you tonight while I was at Goodwill for the second time in a week. I found some GREAT deals that I really need to blog about. Oh the savings! :)

  3. There will be no productivity this weekend, hear me?!?! LOL. Rest, relax, unwind. You deserve a completely stressless weekend. :-)