Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wishful Wednesday: Fall Target Style

There is something about black and grey in the fall. I love it. I need it. I want to shop till I drop!

I've especially been eyeing this precious little dress at Target. I really need to go try it on soon. Do you like it?


It would be perfect for work! And maybe even those Christmas card pictures I've been contemplating..... black tights and back slouchy boots?

And you KNOW I've never met a cardigan I don't like. And then I fell in love with these shoes online too. I wonder if they have them in my store here.... I need to go find out! So much to do and wear. Sigh.



What are you wishing for this Wednesday?

Mrs. Jones


  1. I bought those booties a few weeks ago, love them! You need to go check out your store to see if they have all three! :)

  2. I have that sweater in gray and purple! And I LOVE it! But you know why I have it in two colors? Because the first one got ruined the first time I washed it. Absolutely ruined. You're supposed to hand wash so the flowers don't fray, but I put it in the delicate cycle of the washing machine. It was fine coming out, but I did realize I would have to hand wash in the future. So I laid it flat to dry, and when it was dry, it was a little stiff, so I threw it into the dryer for no less than 5 minutes. When I pulled it out, it had got tangled into this weird knot and the flowers on one side got pulled and stretched so far that my sweater is now horribly deformed. So I went to THREE different Targets the next morning before work to find my size. The moral of this story is 1) go to Target ASAP if you want it. I bougth the first one on clearance 2 weeks ago, and then a week later had to go to 3 stores to find it again, 2) hand wash it and 3) if you have to put it in the dryer for a few, turn it inside out and buttoned up. Whew! I hope you get it, it's a great cardi!

  3. Oh my gosh those are so adorable! I love cardigans too; can't get enough!