Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Eve Belle!

I know I've talked about time flying before. But really? Today, my precious little puppy girl is one year old. A whole year!?! Where did the time go? Nine months ago she came home with us, and soothed our still-broken hearts after we lost Butterball just five days after we got him. The months between them were hard, and she gave our little family back it's spark.

I'm so grateful to her, and plan on spoiling her rotten all night! We started celebrating this weekend. My sweet in-laws brought her a new favorite toy. She got a treat this morning, and I took pictures too!

Last December, she came home and was such a tiny little thing. Remember?

Then she grew up, just a little:

And she completely stole our hearts! I'll be back tomorrow, to show you her birthday celebrating! Because this sweet ball of fluff totally deserves every ounce of love we have to give her! She completes our family. She makes me laugh when I want to cry. She makes me smile and play when I'm too tired to want to. Every minute is worth it.

I love you sweet baby Eve Belle. And you will always be my baby girl!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Happy birthday!! I can't wait till we get a puppy and I can spoil him rotten.

  2. Aww!! Happy birthday, Eve Belle!!

  3. AWWWWWW!!!! Today is Molly's 3rd birthday :)

  4. Aww! So cute! Happy (belated) birthday!