Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moving week is here!

Good afternoon lovelies!

As I sit here and borrow DH's computer to do some actual blogging, I'm amazed at how much our life is about to change. We may not be closing on our house and moving until the end of the week (closing is either Thursday at 4:30 or Friday at 10), but moving week is finally upon us. Our condo is a wreck. Our cars are full of things that have been picked up for the house: doggy door, broom, mini flag for the front of the house, Gatorade, soft drinks, etc.

I might explode with the days that lie ahead. I'm sooooo ready to claim my beautiful little garden home. I could not be more excited, and I'm so proud of the way my wonderful husband has handled all the of the intricate details. He's left the fun stuff (aside from signing massive amounts of papers) to me, and he is dealing with the laywers, builders, bank, and utility companies. God bless him.

We're both taking Friday off of work to kick the move into high gear. I'd really like the Thursday afternoon closing time, because it gives us an extra night to work with before we have to be back at work on Monday morning. And, let's face it: I'm impatient right now.

The good thing (I guess) is that I'm on deadline at work this week. I'm absolutely slammed. If I can just stay focused, work a few extra hours, and get things done by Wednesday, life will be good. It'll keep me occupied and hopefully give me less time to get impatient. If you're working a few extra hours a day..... well, that's supposed to be the idea anyways.

I'm nervous about this deadline at work. It's my first big deadline, and I have so many things due! I'm writing, editing, shooting photographs, you name it. It's fabulous, but a little overwhelming at the same time.

So, needless to say, it's going to be a wonderful, stressful, crazy and fun week.
I wish you all the best! I'm going to schedule a few bloggy fun things so I entertain you while we start this next adventure!

Wish us luck!

Mrs. Jones


  1. I am sooo excited for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a Thursday afternoon closing! And what a sweet hubby for taking care of the "un-fun" details. :-)

  2. SUCH an exciting time in your lives!! It's like being engaged: Totally stressful at certain points, but altogether oh so wonderful! Soak up the chaos and uncertainty, it's the good kind :)

    This time next week you'll be settling into your very own home!!!!!