Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sister, sister.....

For the past few months, I've been slowly gathering useful freebies and cheap finds to put in a massive dorm move-in basket for my little sister, who starts college this fall. I'm going to show up on her move-in day and give her a basket full of everything I can possibly think of that she might need and not want to pay for - that I can find cheaply at least. :-)

Here's what the basket is looking like so far...

This is what I've got in it. What do you think I'm forgetting? Keep in mind I need to actually be able to afford it! :-)

Hair care:
- John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo
- John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo
- TRESemme FreshStart Waterless Foam shampoo
- TRESemme FreshStart No-Frizz creme
- 2 Herbal Essences shampoos

Body care:
- Dial NutriSkin body wash
- Nivea body wash
- Skintimate moisturizing cream shave
- Satin Care shaving cream
- Luxe bath set
- bar soap
- Chapstick
- Nivea lip balm
- toothbrush

Kitchen stuff:
- Palmolive Aroma Sensations dish soap
- Kleenex hand towels

First aid stuff:
- Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go kit
- Benadryl Itch Relief Stick
- 3 pairs of Old Navy flip flps (SHOWER SHOES!)

- AirWick Fresh-Matic Compact in Fresh Waters
- 3 Tide detergent single load packets
- PineSol
- Clorox Anywhere Sanitizing Spray

School and office stuff:
- 2 notepads
- Post-It notes
- Bic mechanical pencils
- Bic pens

- college t-shirts
- TicTacs

What would you not want to spend your money on that  you'd need as a freshman in college? Give me more ideas! (Although I'm not sure how much more is going to fit in the basket!)

Mrs. Jones


  1. That's a great idea and a very thoughtful thing to do. It's been a long time since I moved into a dorm, but perhaps some instant coffee packets, febreeze, sponges, razors, any kinds of medicines (tylenol, cold meds, immodium, etc.). You're a sweet sister to do this for her!

  2. I love this idea! We got a few similar kits when we got married and they were probably our favorite gifts! A few things I never thought of are the basics- salt & pepper, dish washing liquid, that kinda stuff. And of course every college student needs some Ramen Noodles haha! (Or in my case, Taco Bell gift cards!) Like Sara said, medicines might be a good idea too. OH, and if she has longer hair, some pony tail holders might be nice- roommates love to steal those little things.

    Your sister is going to love it just as is though!

  3. This is a WONDERFUL idea!! I think a few things she'd otherwise have to trek out for would be nice, maybe some batteries and light bulbs (for her little lamps). I don't know what all is in the first aid kit, but lots of other medicine cabinet stuff was always useful, like tummy troubs medicine, cold & allergy medicine. And definitely a thermometer, if it doesn't come with that? And being a gum freak, I would have loved a big stash of gum, that stuff is always on sale & frequently has coupons! You are such a good sister!!

  4. I'd say that I always used/needed some plastic utensils when I lived in a dorm as a freshman. I know Sam's has huge value packs for cheap, but Wal-mart does too. Also, Chinet paper plates, napkins, and bowls were a lifesaver for me.

  5. pads and tampons. those things are seriously expensive! I'd always have to take the bus to target to stock up, which was a huge pain in the butt. And I'm not sure how they do laundry (if it's a card system, or quarters… we had both), but a few rolls of quarters would be quite handy!